Many great missions are borne of tragedy. Whether it’s brutality, gun violence, mental illness, or other factors, the personal security challenges in our world are becoming more complex, frequent, and deadly.  We have seen horrifying and wide-spread incidents of mass shootings, innocent joggers and travelers being kidnapped and often killed, and an ever-growing list of unstable bad-actors both globally and at home.

Sadly, my wife and I can speak from personal experience. We sent our daughter, Sara, out into the world to attend High Point University in North Carolina believing as most parents do that the risks were tolerable. But we found out this fall that risk factors mean little when a dangerous situation is already occurring around you. Our daughter had to experience a credible threat of a mass shooting on her campus.

We were elated to learn that some brave students “Saw Something, and Said Something” and the alleged would-be shooter, an (ever-more-common) manifesto, and the suspect's weapons were retrieved without incident and the person taken into police custody. The suspect was attending the university and our daughter's dorm but but a few hundred yards away.

We Need A Smart Simple Solution to a Complex and Personal Problem:  Introducing Skylor Omni Security

So we thought about the jogger that was abducted and murdered in our heartland. What if that had been my daughter or even my wife? With Skylor SOS, this jogger would receive a “tap on the shoulder” from the app if it senses a follower. That’s our Stalker Alert. We imagined being a student in all of our nation’s some 35,000 high schools and having a platform on which to engage in safety and security practices with real time updates. That’s our Student Engagement network. Imagine you were among the office workers at YouTube in California and could have reached 911 emergency with your voice alone. That’s our Voice Activation. We all can imagine giving our first responders eyes inside while they plan to keep up safe in an emergency. Skylor SOS can with our Live Streaming function.

This is what it's is all about. Our features are designed to provide enhanced personal security for all that need it and we would be honored by your help to get our project off the ground. We will be launching locally in Florida and then rolling it out nationally in the near future. Your backing will make or break our opportunity to save a life. Because even one life saved as a part of our mission makes it all worth it.